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After working in the family atelier, Bruno Salomone  moved to Milan and began working as a designer with the most important brands of the made in Italy. The passion for the furs led him to collaborate with companies that deal with leather and rams. His the first embroidered Sherling, the Sherling combined with the furs and the first studies of laser-treated leathers. Over the years he devoted himself particularly to couture collections, where creativity, originality and research are the protagonist. With the passing years his work has been noticed for its strong stylistic content and the high quality of the materials used until the  launch on the international market of his own prince collection: the Bruno Salomone Furs. The collection is characterized by the strong fashion content linked to the latest trends, the continuing search for alternative combinations of leathers and the wide use of color that becomes the key point of his fashions. Woven fabrics, embroidery, color matching and high craftsmanship make its  collection innovative  and transgressive. Designed for a young woman who loves to surprise, self-confident and fashion-conscious.

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